Author: Shaina Jewett-Wolf

Join Lafayette Community Day on June 1st!

Looking to be a part of #LafayetteCommunityDay on Saturday, June 1st?! Volunteers can sign up to join an outdoor Bench Improvement Project on our campus in Lafayette. We will be sanding and re-staining these benches, which are a favorite spot for our day program participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to enjoy a quiet space and break from activities.

Visit to learn more and register to be a part of this special day of service and celebration!

Mobility Awareness Month & Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May is Mobility Awareness Month and today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! At Las Trampas, we are celebrating the power of inclusion and removing physical and digital barriers so that participants can discover their capabilities, increase their independence, and become active members of their communities. Join us in breaking down barriers and creating a more accommodating and equitable society!

For more information, visit and,live%20active%20and%20independent%20lives

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

This May, we are honoring the incredible contributions of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander individuals, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We are especially inspired by Alice Wong, an Asian American disability rights activist and the founder of the Disability Visibility Project, working to challenge perceptions and amplify disability media and culture. Join us in celebrating our community and AAPI Heritage Month

Meet Kim

Meet Kim, who has been a part of Las Trampas’ Adult Day Program (ADP) for almost a year and is newly a part of our Supported Living Services (SLS)! Kim likes to do math, play card games, and spend time outdoors with her friends at Las Trampas. She especially loves listening to 90’s country music when the group is out walking on the trail by our campus. Thank you for all of the energy and joy you bring to our programs, Kim!

Deaf History Month / National ASL Day

This month, we honor those who are members of the Deaf community! Did you know that April 15th is also National American Sign Language (ASL) Day? ASL is considered to be the backbone of the Deaf community. It allows people who are Deaf or hard of hearing to communicate their opinions, beliefs, and values. It can also enhance their cognitive, academic, social, and emotional development, which supports them in maximizing their potential and leading full lives.

Here at Las Trampas, we believe in inclusion for all! We are committed to providing resources and promoting communication access for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), including those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Let’s continue to work towards a more inclusive world where everyone is capable of connecting and communicating!

Meet Joe

Joe has been a participant in Las Trampas’ Supported Livings Services (SLS) for over 20 years! Joe is able to live on his own with 24-hour support and care from our staff who help him with his everyday living and community outings, such as grocery shopping and attending doctor appointments. Joe loves to attend baseball and football games in person, and he also loves the holidays. He especially loves dressing up in theme for Halloween and Christmas. Joe’s caregiver, Paris, comments that Joe is an extremely loving participant! We are excited to see what great things Joe accomplishes in the next 20 years.

World Autism Awareness Day

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, we are celebrating the amazing adults with autism in our community and their unique strengths and perspectives! At Las Trampas, we are committed to fully supporting participants with autism in discovering their capabilities and leading full lives. Click to show your support for the latest autism legislation and receive updates in autism policies and efforts.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

March 25th is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! Cerebral palsy is a permanent disability that impacts the mobility and muscle strength of 17 million people worldwide. At Las Trampas, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and determination of adults with Cerebral Palsy. We are committed to supporting them in achieving their goals and leading full lives. Show your support for people with Cerebral Palsy by wearing the color green today! You can also download your free cerebral palsy guide at and advocate for cerebral palsy research funding at

Neurodiversity Celebration Week and World Down Syndrome Day

This week is Neurodiversity Celebration Week and today is World Down Syndrome Day! All around the world, neurodiverse individuals and those with Down Syndrome are denied quality education and health care, the chance to work and earn their own money, and the ability to make decisions about their own lives. These individuals have the right to be accepted and included as valued members of the community. At Las Trampas, we are so proud to support neurodiverse adults and those with Down Syndrome to lead full lives in their home, and work, and in the community. Sign up to advocate for the rights, inclusion, and wellbeing of people with Down Syndrome at