Adult Day Program – Coronavirus Update   

With the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic in March 2020, the Adult Day Program at Las Trampas closed for in-person classes.

Currently, all services are being provided virtually.  The transition to virtual learning ensures our individuals continue their studies. Additionally, our individuals enjoy seeing and interacting with their peers. Many of our families have reported to us how much their loved ones are enjoying this opportunity.

Day Program participants may join six different virtual classes Monday through Friday. Class topics include current events, music appreciation, covid-19 safety, and others.

In addition to the virtual classes, participants receive monthly packets of materials, which they work on at their own pace.

To keep our enrollees connected, our Day Program Staff reach out to them by phone.  This allows them to stay connected when they were not able to join a virtual class.  This service helps to keep our individuals active during this unprecedented time. The individuals we serve are thriving in our new program.

We are looking forward to the time we can gather in person for our Day program and once again explore and be a part of our community!

Participant in Las Trampas Day Program

Adult Day Program Services (ADP)

Las Trampas Adult Vocational Program (currently closed/under construction) – 3460 Lana Lane, Lafayette, CA 94549 – License #071407232


Las Trampas Adult Day Program (currently providing remote services only) – 757 Arnold Drive, Suite C, Martinez, CA 94553 – License #079200969



The Adult Day Program Services (ADP) is a licensed adult day program for individuals with moderate to profound developmental disabilities located in Lafayette, CA.


ADP focuses on teaching and coaching individuals in the areas of Community Inclusion, Self-Advocacy, Self-Care, Social Skills, and Vocational Exploration. ADP also specializes in providing necessary supports for people with certain physical and health conditions. Such supports include assistance with personal care needs, eating, communication, and other necessary supports. Skills are taught in the cities and towns in Contra Costa and Alameda counties, through virtual classes, and on-site. Participants are provided ample opportunities for practicing and using skills in real-life community settings.


For more information, contact Acting Director of Adult Day Program Services, Joe Cashel

Dance/Exercise Room

Our Dance/Exercise Room is designed to provide individuals with opportunities for physical conditioning and is accessible to people with severe physical disabilities. Classes change frequently and may include: basic movement, yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, wheelchair and in-seat exercise, and mindfulness.

Participants dancing in Las Trampas Day Program
Picture of the Classroom Communication Kit Assistive Technology Communicator

Coming Soon-Assistive Technology/Alternative & Augmentative Communication Room

Many of the individuals served in the Adult Day Program Services have physical and communicative disorders that impede success. The impact of these disorders can be alleviated through the use of assistive technologies. Las Trampas is in the process of acquiring computer software and hardware to assist individuals who are considered nonverbal or who have limited communication to express their needs and desires.

Las Trampas Cooks

At the end of most months, the participants of the Adult Day Program host a lunch for the entire program after spending several weeks learning how to use kitchen equipment, choose a menu, shop for ingredients and then plan and prepare the meal.


Las Trampas Cooks - Day Program Participants preparing a meal showcasing the skills they learned
Picture of vegetables from the garden

Las Trampas Grows!

Individuals learn the value of choosing to grow plants (including some fruits and vegetables to use in Las Trampas Cooks).  Participants learn to purchase seeds and plants, plant them in the garden, and tend them as they grow.

Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation

Las Trampas is proud to partner with the Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation to carry on the legacy of Trevor Tonsing. The foundation procures, makes, and distributes blankets for use by patients of Children’s Hospital & Research Center, Oakland. Individuals served by Las Trampas volunteer time to make blanket templates for groups who wish to assemble blankets for the cause. For more about the foundation and Trevor’s story,

Picture of blankets made by Las Trampas clients for Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation
Picture of raking leaves.

Las Trampas Pays

Some participants in the Adult Day Program participate in paid-work opportunities to hone their employment skills. This includes on-site janitorial/maintenance work as well as off-site contract work in janitorial/maintenance and yard maintenance areas with local companies and agencies, including clean-up of Walnut Creek Parks. If you manage or own a company that may require these services, the people we serve are more than happy to help you.

For more information or a quote on the work you need done, contact Acting Director of Adult Day Program Services Joe Cashel at:


Specialized Services

Adult Day Program provides specialized services to meet the needs of the individuals served by the program. These services include, but are not limited to: assistance with eating (including G-tube), assistance with medication administration, health monitoring, and assistance with personal care needs.

Picture of a medical kit