Giving Tuesday

December 1st was national Giving Tuesday, during which nonprofits speak with one voice to express their immense gratitude for all the ways volunteers, community partners and donors support us.
It’s a time at Las Trampas when we share one story of how your generosity gives voice, literally, to individuals like Danny and so many others. Challenged with cerebral palsy, Danny still loves kicking the soccer ball, jiving to music and sharing his broad smile with everyone. He may not speak words but his always beaming face speaks volumes.
 Soon, thanks to assistive technology recently acquired with   your donor dollars, he may be able to do both. Innovative   icon software loaded onto a laptop will enable Danny to   “speak” for the first time by selecting icons and phrases,   then the laptop gives audible voice to his thoughts. Imagine   what this means to someone as gregarious and people-   loving as Danny. Yes, for the first time, Danny will be able   to participate in a shared conversation!
 This is just one story but Danny’s life “speaks” for     many others. At Las Trampas, where 80% of our folks are   non or minimally verbal, expanding our assistive   technology capacity will empower others to find their own   voices. Your year-end gift will enable more than just one of our folks to “speak their minds.” We all know words matter. No more so than for those previously kept silent.
Please make a year-end gift so Danny and his Las Trampas colleagues can audibly raise their voices to express their heartfelt thanks for a gift that will change their lives.
Thank you!