Las Trampas Shopper Sheri & Facilitator Elsy Orellana

Great News…Las Trampas has been selected as one of the 2014-2015 recipients of the Lafayette Junior’s annual grants! †The Juniors raise as much as $60,000 annually through a Fall Rummage Sale and a Spring fabulous Kitchen Tour, to be held this year on May 16, 2015.†SAVE THAT DATE! †They review project proposals and select a number of nonprofits as grant recipients.

A wonderful extra benefit of being a grantee agency is that our Supported Living folks and their staff facilitators were invited to shop this amazing Rummage Sale…for free!† The Sale was held at the Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church on Saturday,† October 4th.† Take a look…

2Rummage 691
Event Chairs, Lori DeBoy & Heather MacKenzie.

4Rummage 687
Las Trampas Announced as Grantee

Warmest thanks to our community partner, Lafayette Juniors, for this extraordinary gift of putting smiles on the faces of our shoppers.† What better way to have immediate impact on their lives!
Now, we can support the Juniors, and Las Trampas as a grant recipient, by marking our calendars for the May 16, 2015, Kitchen Tour.