Las Trampas supports adults with developmental disabilities to discover their capabilities and to lead full lives in their home, at work, and in the community.

Adult Development Program (ADP)

The Adult Development Program (ADP) is a licensed adult day program for individuals with moderate to profound developmental disabilities located in Lafayette, CA. ADP focuses on teaching and coaching individuals in the areas of activities of daily living, self-advocacy, and community integration. ADP also specializes in providing necessary supports for people with behavioral concerns and physical conditions. Such supports include teaching replacement behaviors for behaviors that interfere with the individual’s success, assistance with personal hygiene, feeding, toileting, and toileting hygiene, improving communication skills, and other necessary supports. Skills are taught both on-site in actual and simulated settings, and individuals are provided ample opportunities for practicing newly-learned skills in real-life community settings. For more information on the Adult Development Program, contact Director of Adult Day Programs and Services Greg Simons at

Program Features

Dance/Exercise Room

The Dance/Exercise Room is designed to provide individuals with opportunities for physical conditioning and is accessible to people with severe physical disabilities. Classes are conducted in basic movement, yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, wheelchair and in-seat exercise, and use of Wii games to support movement and physical health.

Coming Soon – Assistive Technology/Alternative & Augmentative Communication Room

Many of the individuals served in the Adult Development Program have physical and communicative disorders that impede success. The impact of these disorders can be alleviated through the use of assistive technologies. Las Trampas is in the process of acquiring computer software and hardware to assist individuals who are considered nonverbal or who have limited communication to express their needs and desires.

Recyle, Reuse, Repeat

Conceptualized and sponsored by Eric Rudney (Rudney Associates), the Recycle, Reuse, Repeat program provides an opportunity for individuals to learn vocational skills while giving back to the community. Individuals, with staff assistance, retrieve used and new toiletries from local hotels then clean, refill, and repackage them for distribution to local shelters and agencies serving people in need.

Chef’s Table

At least once per month, Las Trampas is able to host a professional chef who teaches individuals in the Adult Development Program on how to use kitchen equipment, plan for meals, and prepare a meal for the entire group. Individuals participate by prepping the food, ensuring appropriate sanitation, ensuring appropriate safety and use of equipment, and preparing and serving the food.

Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation

Las Trampas is proud to partner with the Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation to carry on the legacy of Trevor Tonsing. The foundation procures, makes, and distributes blankets for use by patients of Children’s Hospital & Research Center, Oakland. Individuals served by Las Trampas volunteer time to make blanket templates for groups who wish to assemble blankets for the cause. For more about the foundation and Trevor’s story, visit

Las Trampas Grows!

Individuals learn the value of growing their own food, healthy food choices, and general nutrition. The food grown in the gardens helps to sustain the Chef’s Table activities as well as provide food for individuals living in Las Trampas residential facilities.

Paid Work

Enrollees of the Adult Development Program participate in paid-work opportunities to hone their employment skills in preparation for competitive job placements. This includes on-site janitorial/maintenance work as well as off-site contract work in janitorial/maintenance and yard maintenance areas with local companies and agencies, including clean-up of Walnut Creek Parks. If you manage or own a company that may require these services, the people we serve are more than happy to help you. For more information or a quote on the work you need done, contact Director of Adult Day Programs and Services Greg Simons at

Specialized Services

ADP provides specialized services to meet the needs of the individuals served by the program. These services include, but are not limited to: feeding, g-tube feeding, assistance with medication administration, health monitoring, and toileting.

Entrepreneur’s Club

Las Trampas encourages individuals to start their own mini-businesses by providing space, tools, and curriculum to supplement their income.

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