Personal Protection Equipment For Las Trampas

Your donation allowed us to continue to provide essential services, programs and safety to the individuals we serve.  The much-needed PPEs, are vital to our individuals and the staff of Las Trampas.

Las Trampas individuals count on daily support in the form of; assistance with feeding, bathing, and changing, daily medication(s), learning and meal preparation.  Most importantly, the individuals we serve, who have been cut off from the community are able to have face to face contact with our direct service providers.  This provides emotional support to help with the feelings of isolation and anxiety.  All of this is possible with the appropriate PPEs,  which are available because you cared and provided a gift.

Your continued support as a loyal donor to the individuals of Las Trampas allows us to do our work safely.  Without your donation, we would not have the opportunity to make our individuals  feel safe and secure while they remain sheltered in place.