Understanding and getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

As vaccines become more readily available resulting in more and more people becoming immunized to COVID-19, the natural consequence will be that businesses including Las Trampas Adult Day Program, will be opening and more people will be in close contact with each other.


This, of course, leads to more susceptibility for exposure and illness to those not immunized. Of special concern are reports of the emergence new variants of the COVID-19 virus that are 70% more infectious. This means that the virus is mutating to become even easier for someone to become infected.


If you are a caretaker or family member of an individual with intellectual and development disabilities, please review the links below. We know you may have many questions regarding the vaccine. The links provided along with advice from your family physician should help provide answers.




COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1A Letter for Family Members

*Families should check the box, which reads “Home health care worker, community health care worker including promotoras”.


To request an appointment for the vaccine.

Vaccine Appointment-Request Form


For more information, please visit the links below.
Vaccines – Coronavirus COVID-19 Response (ca.gov)


Adult Day Program – Coronavirus Update   

With the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic in March 2020, the Adult Day Program at Las Trampas closed for in-person classes.

Currently, all services are being provided virtually.  The transition to virtual learning ensures our individuals continue their studies. Additionally, our individuals enjoy seeing and interacting with their peers. Many of our families have reported to us how much their loved ones are enjoying this opportunity.

Day Program participants may join six different virtual classes Monday through Friday. Class topics include current events, music appreciation, covid-19 safety, and others.

An option to virtual classes, participants receive monthly packets of materials, which they work on at their own pace.

To keep our individuals connected, our Day Program Staff reach out to them by phone.  This allows them to stay connected when they were not able to join a virtual class.  This service helps to keep our individuals active during this unprecedented time. The individuals we serve are thriving in our new program.

We are looking forward to the time we can gather in person for our Day program and once again explore and be a part of our community!