Setting up your Crowdfunding Page

Thank you for participating in Las Trampas’ Holiday Fundraising Drive crowdfunding campaign. The instructions below will help you set up your own crowdfunding page to share via email and on social media. Have fun with your crowdfunding!

1. Follow this link:

2. Click on the blue box: “Create my own fundraising page”

3. Fill out your name and email address on the “Create My Page” pop-up.

4. After you click on “Create My Page,” another pop-up will appear reading: “Your Page Has Been Created” Click “Okay”

5. Now, check your email. There will be two emails from “kkoller” in your inbox. If you don’t get the emails right away, make sure to check your junk email. The first is titled “Personalize your Crowdfunding page – do not share link”. The second is titled “Support my fundraising effort”.

6. Open the email titled “Personalize your Crowdfunding page – do not share link”.

7. Click the orange box link titled “Personalize my page!”. Your page will open up. Now you are ready to personalize the page that you will share with others.

8. Click the pencil next to word “Goal” to reflect YOUR personal goal. For example, if you are aiming to raise $5,000, enter that amount here. You can also use the pencil symbols to update your name, upload a picture (I’ve attached a picture of participants if you prefer to use that), and a message for your friends (sample attached). The more you indicate the personal importance of Las Trampas to you, the more likely others will be to contribute.

9. Don’t forget to click the “Save and Publish button” at the bottom of your screen when you are finished. Then you will see this pop-up with instructions on how to share your page with others. BEFORE YOU SHARE, please read step 10.

10. Go back to the other email from kkoller titled: “Support my fundraising effort.” BEFORE you forward this email to others, click on the “Donate to my cause button” and make YOUR gift first. Once you share the page with your contacts, they will see that YOU have gotten the ball rolling by making the first gift, which goes a long way in encouraging them to do the same.


1. To share via email, you can either forward the “Support my fundraising effort” email with a personal message to each of your email contacts OR you can cut and paste the contents of the “Support my fundraising effort” email and place them in a new email. (don’t forget to remove the “forward this message to your family and friends” at the top)

2. To share on social media, copy your personal link from the “Support my fundraising effort” email by right-clicking “Donate to my cause” (see image below) and clicking copy link address.

3. Paste the link you copied in a post on the social media platform of your choice, also including a brief message explaining the reason for the post (sample attached).

And you’re done! Thank you for helping Las Trampas raise funds during our Holiday Appeal!