Las Trampas supports adults with developmental disabilities to discover their capabilities and to lead full lives in their home, at work, and in the community.

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ARM Gets Moving!

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How do you get moving? The residents of Las Trampas’s four houses love walks. The homes’ locations in safe residential neighborhoods and their easy access to local trails like the Iron Horse Trail and the Canal Trail mean that residents are able to indulge in beautiful walks several times a week. This month, all the […]

Exploring Worlds with Las Trampas

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The day program is always looking for new worlds to explore. We regularly use local libraries to seek out new sites and organizations we can partner with to help our program participants become more and more engaged in and with their community. Our memberships at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Chabot Space and Science Center, […]

SLS Chilling with the Fish in Monterey

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Jeremy watched the big shark swim past the thick glass of the tank. “Whoa!” he said, laughing. Each time the shark circled by, Jeremy reacted with the same joyful “Whoa!” Jeremy visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the first time on a recent trip organized by the Supported Living team for program participants. The visit […]

Henry and Ray: Best Friends Out on the Town

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Henry and Ray are best friends. Most days you can find them out in the community with their Las Trampas staff support person—grocery shopping, visiting local museums and parks, and having coffee at their local Starbucks. Henry and Ray are residents of Maureen House—one of our four community based homes. They, like all the residents […]

July Employee of the Month–LaToya Hudson

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July’s Employee of the Month is Day Program superstar LaToya Hudson. Watching LaToya interact with Day Program participants, her focus is very clear: independence and decision-making. As one of the job coaches for the work groups, she sets high expectations for participants and helps them learn to do tasks well on their own. She also […]

Las Trampas Cooks: Ingredients for Success!

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What could be better than sharing a home-cooked meal, chosen and prepared with care by a friend or colleague? Each month, the 10 students participating in the Day Program’s Las Trampas Cooks program choose a meal each month based on a theme, and work with staff throughout the month make that meal a reality for […]

SLS/ILS–Celebrating Independence

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Do you remember moving out of your parent’s home for the first time? So many mixed emotions– a little apprehensive and scared, but excited and overwhelmed with joy when all your belongings were in place.  When she moved out of her parents’ house at the age of 33, Ariel felt the same way. In July […]

From the Executive Director–A Year in Advocacy

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My name is Daniel Hogue, Executive Director of Las Trampas.  I have worked in the Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD) service industry since 1993, starting as a direct care worker.  Now, in my role as a leader, I am constantly asked about the state and future of our field.  Now, more than ever, this is […]

June Community Partner: Lamorinda Gives Back

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Philanthropic group Lamorinda Gives Back and local developmental disability service provider Las Trampas School, Inc. have partnered to raise more than $11,000 for services for people with developmental disabilities in Central Contra Costa County. On June 8, 2018, Las Trampas hosted the Cards for Humanity charity poker tournament, assisted by Lamorinda Gives Back or LAMA. […]

Take Action Now!

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Urgent Action Item: Contact the Chairs of the California State Senate and Assembly Budget Committees today and tell them you support Assemblymember Chris Holden’s proposal to add $25 million to the DDS budget to assist service providers in high cost regions to meet the escalating costs for labor and other essential operations. Background: Since the […]

Meet Terri!

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“Shopping!” is one of Terri’s favorite words and one of her favorite pastimes. Since coming to Sheila House last February, she gets to do a lot more of it! For 25 years, Terri lived at Sonoma Developmental Center. She had tried community-based residential programs in the past, but the impacts of Terri’s disabilities meant that […]

2017 Walk n’ Roll brings the Las Trampas Community Together for Fun!

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The air was crisp and clear as Las Trampas friends and family, both old and new, gathered at the campus the morning of September 23 for the 8th Annual Walk n’ Roll. Shouted greetings and show tunes echoed through the trees as walkers and rollers finished their lap on the trail and enjoyed face painting, […]

Change is in the Air for the Las Trampas Board

Big changes are in the works for the Las Trampas Board of Directors. In June Las Trampas said goodbye to five directors, but are pleased to welcome three new additions to the Board. Mary Gomes joined the Las Trampas Board of Directors in January of 1982 as a Las Trampas parent. In January 2017, 35 […]

Las Trampas Welcomes New Board President!

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Our new Board President Charles Henry is not your everyday, ordinary guy.  A graduate of the University of Southern California and University of California Hastings Law School, Chuck served for 32 years in the Public Defender’s Office of San Joaquin County as a Senior Trial Attorney and Chief Deputy Attorney. But don’t be fooled by […]

Meet Johnathan!

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Meet Johnathan… Johnathan is a total care client who has used a wheelchair for his entire life. He is nonverbal, has poor vision, and needs assistance to change clothes and a tube to be fed. It has always been assumed that he is unable to comprehend or communicate. That is, until Speech Language Therapist Pam […]

Confessions of an ILS Client

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I am a young guy who lives in the East Bay. During most of my adult life I have faced the challenges of noise sensitivity and social anxiety. According to a doctor in San Ramon, the root of some of my problems is largely a vertebral disc in my neck that pinches a nerve to the degree […]

The Amazing Adventures of Amy and Jeff

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Las Trampas client Jeff and his sister Amy overcame their obstacles to enjoy the summer trip of a lifetime together. Any recounts their trip and reveals how she makes every minute count for both her and her brother.  Just this past summer, my brother Jeff and I went on a couple of great trips. Jeff slept most […]

Sweatpants & Parenting: Clothes Make the Man

It’s 51 degrees out. Which means my autistic 21-year-old son Mickey is wearing shorts and sandals. “It’s too cold!” I protest. “But it’s May.” I get it. He hates socks. Loathes sneakers. Long sleeves drive him crazy. If we let him, he’d leave the house wearing shorts and sandals in January, and probably without a […]

Meet Pat Flaharty!

I became familiar with Las Trampas about 15 years ago through my Rotary Club Lamorinda Sunrise. As a group we have done painting of homes, several on-campus landscaping projects and deck building. About eight years ago, Bonnie Peacock (former Development Director) spoke to our club and mentioned that the chef for Chef’s Table had moved […]

Independence and the Special Needs Child

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As my son grows older (he’ll be 12 in March) we are grappling more and more with the challenge of developing his independence. For most 11 year olds, catching the bus home from school, walking around the corner to a friend’s house and having sleepovers are no big deal. They are age appropriate activities and […]

Follow that Bird!

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One would be hard-pressed to catch Jeff unaccompanied by his Big Bird entourage o’ one. The stuffed bird has been Jeff’s right-hand man since he fell in love with the classic Sesame Street character when he was just a kid. Before joining the Las Trampas family, Jeff and the stuffed bird lived at the Sonoma […]

The Warriors Fan

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Leslie is a huge Warriors fan, which he demonstrates almost daily.  He can draw from a closet full of the team’s logo clothing.  In cold weather, it’s the blue and gold knit cap, in summer a t-shirt, among other items.  Of course as an avid sports fan, he must alternate with his 49er jacket and […]

Patty’s Story

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Patty came to Las Trampas in 1975 and has been a source of sunshine ever since.  Patty is always smiling.  “I hear birds!” exclaimed Patty, as she tested her long-awaited hearing aids. Patty is very social, loves connecting with people, chatting and sharing stories.  Now she can do this again! The ability to return significantly to […]

Latest News!

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Thank You for Joining Us! Thanks to the 340 people who attended the annual What’s in our Hat? event this year including the National Charity League and the Clipped Wings and their friends who helped us make the day a success. We could not hold this event without the long tradition of their dedicated support. […]

Daniel’s Story

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The young man in the photo is Daniel. Daniel is in our Adult Vocational Program (AVP) and has successfully participated
in the Northern California Special Olympics.

Open Hearts Can Open Doors!

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On February 3, 2014, our first specialized residential home opened in Pleasant Hill.  This beautifully refurbished, ADA accessible, and welcoming residence currently houses three adults who previously resided at the Sonoma Developmental Center.  The facility is designed to accommodate up to four persons.  This home was established as part of the State of California’s Community […]