Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly. 

Hearts and wings are aflutter at Las Trampas this time of year. With heartfelt excitement, our folks got an early jump on the holidays, with decorations and a tree going up the minute the calendar switched to December!

Everyone joined in, whether as decorators or “supervisors.” Such is the excitement around every holiday at Las Trampas.
Now, as our friends and supporters, we invite YOU to join the party! Your “invitation” is winging its way to your home mailbox in the form of our year-end Angel Campaign brochure. Every year this is an important moment for us, because the dollars we raise from the Angel Campaign help sustain the vocational and enrichment programs that build each individual’s competency and self-esteem. Your gift to the Angel Campaign is so important. Please consider a gift today, by returning the envelope attached to the brochure or online HERE.
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