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Aeris Communications

Nothing like a corporate group of volunteers who actually pay a nonprofit to do a day of community service! On Friday, August 14, a team of Aeris Communications volunteers from around the world rolled up their sleeves, grabbed paint brushes and gave a non-surgical facelift to the Las Trampas campus. This Day of Service was part of their annual week-long conference in Silicon Valley, so these international worker bees came from as far away as India and England, and from multiple US states to share this beautification project.
IMG_0204 Kim Biz ofs furniture
Receptionist Desk

Who would believe these rooms were once a dormitory room? Thanks to the volunteer paint crew from Aeris Communications and the fabulous gift of new mahogany furniture from HUB International, a provider of insurance for Las Trampas, our Admin offices have a new, glamorous look.

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crop aeris 1 2 women - London, Patti
Jeff, England, India

Community Connection – Planting Seeds

Planting the Seeds of Community Partnerships. Las Trampas is growing…vegetables that is.

Over 20 individuals from Deloitte gathered at Las Trampas for their annual community work day. After a breakfast picnic in the park across the street, they gathered on our lawn to mingle with Day Program folks. They then broke up into teams to do a major landscaping cleanup…grabbing shovels, rakes, weed whackers, and garbage bags to eliminate the weeds flourishing around campus. Another team added a fresh layer of crushed granite to the vegetable garden path so this summer, those in wheelchairs can help with the harvest.

Daniel’s Story

The young man in the photo is Daniel. Daniel is in our Adult Vocational Program (AVP) and has successfully participated in the Northern California Special Olympics. He participates in our community service project Recycle, Reuse, Repeat through which his AVP team takes hotel toiletry bottles, sterilizes them and refills them, then donates them to local homeless and women’s shelters. Daniel always has a beaming smile as he works at the computer, helps on campus or greets visitors when he encounters them.

Hats Off to a Great Event!


The suspense is over, the numbers are in and thanks to so many of you who supported by gift or attendance our 27th Annual What’s in Our Hat? aka Luck Be A Lady? it looks like we exceeded $120,000, but numbers are still coming in so stay tuned!

We’ve waited to send a special Thank You so that we could share this great news. As you know, these dollars are a vital link in filling the gap between operational costs and government reimbursement for services.
We tip our Hat
To the generosity of our Sponsors and Ambassadors, Hat drawing underwriter Eric Rudney, auction donors and participants, business and in-kind partners, community and staff volunteers and beloved Clipped Wings, the Hat Committee (with a special bow to the extraordinary decorations designer Pat Todd and her sidekick Dana Longyear), photographer Ian Craig,

To our entertainers Mark Shaw (Sinatra), Matt Helm (Dean Martin) and magician Alan Leeds, and the always generous-in-time-and-talent Generations in Jazz (High Five Cayford and Bob Athayde),
To Terry Haws who proposed the theme, to the gifted program creator Pamela Berding and graphic designer John Otto.

And to our dedicated Board of Directors and each and every one of you who provide support and encouragement as Las Trampas works to deliver the highest quality programs and services.

Thank You!!

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