ARM Gets Moving!

Ray by the Pool

How do you get moving? The residents of Las Trampas’ two houses love walks. The homes locations in safe residential neighborhoods and their easy access to local trails like the Iron Horse Trail and the Canal Trail mean that residents are able to indulge in beautiful walks several times a week.

This month, all the houses are planning to participate in the Walk n Roll!
Helping program participants stay active is critical to helping them stay healthy. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC,) adults with disabilities have obesity rates about 57% higher than the rest of the population. For people who experience physical impacts of developmental disabilities like heart and circulatory issues, lack of physical activity can make existing issues more dangerous.

The staff at the houses try to make exercise fun since getting people to participate can be difficult at times. We play active games, try different sports, swim, and dance to help the people we serve stay active. We are also creating healthy and tasty meals with residents with the help of a registered dietician and the My25 dietary program. With meal planning focused on fresh seasonal foods, balanced nutrition, and new recipes, Las Trampas residents enjoy nutritious and delicious options every day!