Letter from our Executive Director on the New Building Project

Letter from our Executive Director on the New Building Project


Greetings from Las Trampas,


It’s still almost a daily update on COVID-19 changes taking place, even though we are nearly 19 months into the pandemic.  This past June, we resumed limited in-person services at our Adult Development Program. The individuals we serve were so excited to be back; since that time we have unfortunately had to suspend in-person services on two occasions due to COVID-19.


The pandemic is also creating delays for us in the construction of our new building.  In the beginning, our project site had to close down due to the onset of COVID-19 and health department mandates. This shutdown lasted for several weeks, putting us behind on our construction schedule.  Since then, we have experienced some cases of COVID-19 causing additional delays to the project.


Today, we face delays in receiving much-needed supplies for the completion of the project.  You may have experienced delays in the supply chain for many products yourself.  If you have recently purchased an appliance or even a piece of furniture, you know that not only have the costs increased dramatically, but the delays can now be measured in months rather than days or weeks.


At this time, we are anticipating a completion date for our new building to be mid-January of which we will need an additional month to prepare the site for services. Of course, this timeline is tentative, barring any further delays on the essential components of our project.  To keep up to date on the progress of the project, including changes in our schedule, please join us each month for our virtual tours.  Information on our tours can be accessed at our REACH Beyond Capital Campaign page.


I want to sincerely thank everyone in our community for continuing to support our project and helping us create new opportunities and choices for the individuals we serve.  Your donations and support are invaluable to Las Trampas and the individuals we serve!


With gratitude,

Daniel L. Hogue

Executive Director